About Us

Founded since 1997

The company “BAJRAMI-N” Shpk, with main address in the city of Elbasan, carries out its production activity in the city of Elbasan and construction and implementation activities in various cities such as: Elbasan, Durrës, Tirana, Fier, etc. The beginnings of the activity date back to December 1997, with the main address near the Elbasan-Librazhd national road, Xibrakë. Initially, the activity consisted in the production of building materials.

Then it was registered as a construction company, dated 16.10.2001 with license number 3625/2 as an implementing company. Which was followed by the expansion of the activity also as a construction company by decision of the Court of Tirana with No. 23102/1, based on the law “On commercial companies”, dated 21.02.2002. The company has a sole partner Mr. Nazif Bajrami and technical manager Msc.ing. Florenc Musta.


We produce & implement

Since the foundation, the main activity has been and is the production of construction materials. The company owns a square (polygon) for the sale of construction materials with an area of about 4,500 square meters, at the exit of the city of Elbasan, near the premises of the former Merchandise Park.

In addition to the production of construction materials, the company is also profiled in construction-implementation activities, with different volumes of work and financed both by public funds and by private investors. Over the years, the Company has implemented and is currently implementing works such as: constructions and reconstructions of road infrastructure, civil and industrial buildings, waterworks, sewers, river works and hydraulic systems. Production and sale of concrete, inert materials and special prefabricated concrete elements

Professional Team

Our aim is to meet all European standards in terms of design and quality of any project or work that bears the authorship of the company “Bajrami-N” Shpk. This is how we have always invested, we continue to do so, and we will undoubtedly not stop having professionals in the field in our bosom. Engineers and dedicated employees, ethical and with the aim of providing quality and long-lasting infrastructure works.

Fatmir Kryeziu
Construction Eng.
Lorenc Shaba
Electrical Eng.
Zaira Poga
Environmental Eng.
Etleva Mitre
Hydro Eng.
Florenc Musta
Hydro Eng.
Arsen Kurti
Construction Eng.
Dorjan Terziu
Geodesic Eng.

Brand of standards

Our main goal is to meet all European standards regarding the design and quality of any project or work that bears the authorship of the company "Bajrami-N" Shpk

A 26 years company

Providing quality construction materials and building infrastructure

EU Standards

Constructions in different sectors fulfill the European standards

Long partnerships

Bajrami-N Shpk collaborates with partners sharing the same vision


Quality infrastructural works which bring development