Our Company

The company “BAJRAMI-N“  with head office in Elbasan runs its activity on building materials production & trading in Elbasan and contract and other civil engineering  works in different areas of Albania as: Elbasan, Durres, Tirane, Fier etj. 

Founded on December 1997 as producer of building materials  with current address Rruga Nacionale Elbasan-Librazhd, Xibrakë Elbasan.

Registered on 16/10/2001 as contractor with License NR.  3625/2 with sole shareholder Mr. Nazif Bajrami and Technical Director Mrs. Eleni Rodo.

Main licensed technical directors are:

Civil Eng. Eleni Rodo (Kereku)
Mechanical Eng. Bledar Pecini
Geoglogy Eng Dashamir Gega
Gjeodet Eng. Naim Nasufi
Electrical Eng. Astrit Pustina
Enviroment Eng. Zaira Poga  
Hydro Engl. Etleva Mitre


The company produces and offers a variety of building materials and execute private and public contracts in the construction of various projects as residential building blocks, hospitals, schools, roads, maintenance contracts etc.