What we do

Build, Implement & Project

Since the foundation, the main activity has been and is the production of construction materials. The company owns a square (polygon) for the sale of construction materials with a surface area of about 4,500 square meters, at the exit of the city of Elbasan, near the premises of the former Merchandise Park.

In addition to the production of construction materials, the company is also profiled in the construction-implementation activity, with different volumes of work and financed by both public funds and private investors. Over the years, the Company has implemented and is currently implementing works such as: construction and reconstruction of road infrastructure, civil and industrial buildings, water and sewerage systems, river works and hydraulic systems. Production and sale of concrete, inert materials and special prefabricated concrete elements.

In the other property of the company in Xibrakë, a new joint-washing machine was built in 2010 for the production of inerts of different qualities, with a capacity of about 80 m3/hour. In this square is also the concrete line of the company “Bajrami-N” Shpk, an investment made in 2010 and in the production process since January 2011. This line has a production capacity of 70 m3/hour.

Highly production capacities

This year, the new asphalt line with a capacity of 60 tons per hour was just successfully installed. A modern, efficient line which will give a further boost to the sustainable development of the company. In addition to inert qualities and their fractional in other products, concrete of different brands and in the production of different construction materials, other products are also produced, among which we can mention blocks of different sizes, concrete pipes, self-blocking plates and curbs, brick beams, mortar, slaked lime, architraves, manhole covers, etc.

The extraction of inert raw materials and their transportation is carried out with the company’s own tools, a precise list of which is located in the material that can be downloaded below. The production capacity of concrete blocks reaches up to 3,000 pieces, the production capacity of tiles reaches up to 30 m2 per day, we also have a production capacity of up to 20 m3 of mortar per day, aiming to increase this capacity through the automation of the production process and making investments different.


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Square (polygon) sales of construction materials

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Inert production capacity

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Asphalt production capacity

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Mortar production capacity

A journey of success

Bajrami-N Sh.p.k. is a company with over 26 years of experience in the market. The activity and portfolio of the company is spread over several different sectors in the manufacturing industry and infrastructural constructions